12 Key Visual Search Stats for 2022

12 Key Visual Search Stats for 2022

Visual search will be one of the biggest trends in 2022, and it’s already making waves. By 2022, more than 50% of searches will be visual. 

This means that more people than ever will be interested in images as a way to find information – so if your brand isn’t on board with this trend, then we recommend getting started now before it’s too late!

We at SEO Troupe have done some digging and uncovered 10 key stats for marketers to understand what’s coming down the pike. So let’s dig into it!

Here are 10 key stats that will help you plan for your future in the world of visual search! 

1. Over the next 12 months, 35% of marketers plan to optimize for visual search.

2. 80% of Pinners begin their shopping journey with visual search, compared to 58% of non-Pinners.

3. More than 85% of online shoppers place more importance on visual information than text information when purchasing clothing or furniture.

4. 55% of consumers say that Visual Search has a significant impact on their personal style and taste.

5. 49 percent of Pinners say visual search helps them develop stronger relationships with brands they like.

6. 61% of shoppers say visual search enhances their in-store shopping experience.

7. There are 3x as many visual searches using the Pinterest camera this year as there were last year.

8. Pinterest Lens, browser extension, and the visual search tool in Pins now see more than 600 million searches per month. An increase of 140% in a single year.

9. By 2023, the global visual search market is expected to exceed $14,727 million, growing at a CAGR of 9% during the forecast period 2018-2023.

10. Visual search was used by 32% of India prior to and during the COVID-19 pandemic in September 2020, according to a survey conducted at that time. Only about 11% of people expressed a lack of interest in using the visual search tool.

Impact of coronavirus (COVID-19) on the use of visual search in India in September 2020
Impact of coronavirus (COVID-19) on the use of visual search in India in September 2020. Source: Statista

11. Globally, roughly one-third of working-age internet users have used image recognition tools in the last 30 days.

12. Visual search is preferred by 62% of Millenials and Gen Z over any other new technology.


That concludes my compilation of visual search statistics.

I believe there is some truly fascinating material contained within – I hope you found it useful.

Now I’d like to hear what you think:

In this list, which visual search statistic surprised you the most and why?

Or perhaps there’s a statistic somewhere that I’m missing.

So go ahead and post your thoughts in the comments section.









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