19 Important Guest Blogging Statistics for 2022

19 Important Guest Blogging Statistics for 2022

If you are looking for an inbound marketing solution leading to—

High Authority 

Qualified Traffic 

Relevant Leads, and….

Improved Sales 

Then, guest blogging is your answer here. 

When you post your content on high-authority websites, it won’t only drive traffic your way but also increase your revenue. 

If you guest blog on the right sites in the right way, you can market your brand at zero cost. 

To help you formulate the perfect guest blogging strategy, we have analyzed various marketing, blogging, and SEO reports in 2021. So, let’s indulge in the top guest blogging statistics 2021 and give a push to your inbound marketing efforts. 

  1. 60% of blogs write 1-5 guest posts per month. (OptinMonster)
  1. 3% of blogs write over 100 guest posts per month. (OptinMonster)
  1. Only 6% of bloggers publish the majority of their original content as guest posts. (OptinMonster)
  1. 79% of editors say guest content is too promotional. (OptinMonster)
  1. During the summer months of June, July, and August, there is a greater demand for guest content. (OptinMonster)
  1. 7 percent of respondents pitch to 100 or more blogs per month for guest post submission. (Referral Rock)
  1. The majority of guest bloggers (84 percent) do their own outreach, and 87 percent come up with their own article topic ideas. (Referral Rock)
  1. 37 percent of guest bloggers work for a company, while the remaining 8 percent are freelancers. (Referral Rock)
  1. 76% of editors intend to publish 1-10 guest posts per week. (Red Website Design)
  1. The primary reason editors publish guest posts is to share new ideas, perspectives, and expertise with their readers. (Red Website Design)
  1. Page views are used by 93 percent of editors to assess the success of a guest post. (Red Website Design)
  1. When it comes to reviewing guest post content, 71 percent of editors say editing takes the most time. (Impact)
  1. 93 percent of editors intend to increase or maintain the volume of guest content published in 2021.(Influence & Co)
  1. In 2021, 67 percent of editors intend to publish the same amount of guest content or more. (Influence & Co)
  1. As the primary focus of their blogging efforts, 6% of bloggers publish guest posts on other blogs. (Quora creative)
  1. Non-paid contributed or guest posts account for 57% of outsourced blog posts for business bloggers. (Curata)
  1. From a single guest post on Moz, Jon Cooper received nearly 400 hits. (Neil Patel)
  1. Guest posts with links in the article’s body generated 387 percent more referral traffic than posts with only links in the “author bio” section. (Blogger Jet)
  1. Guest blogging helped Gregory Ciotti, a content marketing manager at Help Scout, gain 36,733 qualified email subscribers. (Gregory Ciotti)

Is Guest Blogging Still Effective in 2021?

A big fat YES. 

Guest blogging was, is, and will always remain the best way to build quality links for your site. With guest blogging, you can introduce your brand to new audiences and find numerous ways to generate hot leads. 

All these guest blogging statistics 2021 have already established how excellent this inbound marketing method is.

Having said that, we are wrapping up here, but we would love to know your thoughts on the topic. So, is guest blogging the best inbound marketing strategy?